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Absolutely got what I paid for.This safety case is much better than the cheaper one I bought two years ago.I put all my valuables there so I won't be afraid of having them stolen again.
Lol, the station looked good, put it on the cupboard, I really thought it was a book, I really liked this design.
The design is reasonable and the workmanship is excellent.It's big enough to hold a lot of stuff.I have recommended it to my colleagues.
This mini safe was bought for jewelry storage.It looks very cute,easy to operate.Hopefully it would be durable.
On closer inspectation,there're no defects.It
A Very creative product!I bought this special box to store pocket money.It looks like a real dictionary,others don't know what's in it.Awesome!
This storage box truly looks like a real dictionary..It's a perfect way to hide my valuables on the bookshelf.Pretty cool!
Overall,I feel very impressed with this safe.It fits perfectly into my shelf,and it is hard to beat for the price.The material is extremely solid and sturdy.I'm considering purchasing another for my father.
My strongbox arrived very promptly and was well packaged to prevent any damage/scratches.The quality is exactly what I expected.It's mainly used to keep my cash,jewelry and other important items.Definitely worth the purchase!
This safe looks very solid. When the package is received, the outer packaging is very tight and it is not damaged at all. It is really good.

A well built, safe lock box box in steel is perfect for holding valuable items, birth certificates, cash, vital paperwork and comes equipped with a professional-quality locking mechanism for first-class protection.

To add further security to such locks an security lock box can be used. Inside of these boxes are microprocessors that will allow only certain keys to open them. This makes it harder for criminals to pick the lock. The only way that this type of lock can be opened is by using a key with a microchip that the box will accept.

Next is that whenever you wanted to, you can just change the combination codes if you wanted to secure privacy and safety. With this kind of outlook, you would surely be able to ensure safety because no one will ever have the idea on what pass codes that you have programmed for safe lock box.