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Happy. Happy..happy.happy... Thanks we gonna have a great wedding. Will contact for more items...
Had a backyard party and put two of these together to make a 20x30 tent. Pretty easy to put together, some tubes were a little tight to fit into each other. Instructions were simple and to the point. No frills. I can see how in a windy environment that these could get banged up but overall they fit the bill. I would buy these again. Its hard to get them back into the original box but we did if. Grab to bungee cords to keep the lid down. Plan on a plastic container for long term storage.
After receiving the goods, it needs several people to install together, but there are instructions, it is much simpler. The shading effect is good.
The tent is really beautiful. I bought two and put them in the garden. The quality is so good.
It's not a heavy duty tent, but that being said it's worth the purchase good quality sturdy frame and I am happy with the tent. used properly should last for years, but it is not tent rental quality. I would recommend it for personal family outings, flea markets, catering etc does not come with a storage bag, I bought a used golf bag to put the poles in. works great..
I understand that reviews may be partial but this is a great product. The material is great and setting it up was easy it stores away in its bag and is easy to put away till its next use. I highly recommend and I will purchase another one soon for my bigger parties.
Many compliments from guests. Product is a plus for out door entertainment Easy to put up!
This pop up is really well built. it’s probably average price range. It is worth the money .You pay for what you get. I wish I had spent a little more money.
Great Value! It delivers the perfect amount of shade. Plus, it folds up small enough to fit under the bed ??.
The fixing is very simple and requires 2 people to install together. The shading effect is good and can be purchased.
It's my first time to purchase something like this item online.I am lucky enough to get the right one.The cloth is thick,the support pole is strong, and it is windproof and rainproof.Cheaper than that of brick-and-mortar stores.A cost-effective product.
It will be quick to assemble two people together, but you can do it yourself. If you don't do it seriously, your time will be wasted.
I am very satisfied with this purchase because it is exactly what I expected. It's not the best quality and the strongest tent (hello cheap
Have used the tent for more than one month,it has no problems up to now.It won't leak in rainy day.Overall,it is worthy in terms of quality and appearance.One satisfying shopping experience.
My tent arrived ahead of time in good condition.It's super easy to put together and take down.No issues so far.It fits perfectly in our backyard.
This tent is absolutely worth every penny!It's well made with high quality material.We used it for a graduation party on a rainy day last month.We feel surprised at how firm and stable it is.Perfect for our needs!
This canopy provides decent coverage. I bought it to put it over my car mainly for repair. Here is my two cent.
I took this to a picnic we were having at a park. The sun was hot and this canopy was perfect for allowing people to get out of the direct sunlight.
I've used this canopy several times and so far I'm pretty impressed. After reading reviews about the lack of stability it has in windy conditions, i opted out of using it at the beach, but at the park and even on my deck has been perfect! It took two people to assemble (my 11 year old son and myself), and only took less than 10 minutes. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a budget friendly shade option.
Nice cover. My husband uses it for trade shows. Is very easy to put up, one person can set it up.
Received my tent on Friday.It's super easy to assemble.Light weight.I would recommend it if you need one that can be put together by a single person.Easier with two of course but really good that I can use this on my own without asking for help.We've used it,so far like it very much.
Sets up ok, but needs 2 persons to put it up. Was ok with weights on legs in 15 mph winds.
This party tent is worth its weight in gold! I had my daughter's birthday party in my backyard and a thunderstorm came through with pretty high winds and this tent protected us from the rain. In severe winds (25+ mph) I don't think this tent will hold up without proper leg support. This tent is delicate when putting up being that you have to pull it out slow one way then go to the other side and repeat the process till itscomplety extended. Then you have to put the top over, and after that's sit ...
Lol,this is very good drill, it was a gift for my friends. The person love it.Works well. Can't beat the price!
This has been a great investment for us. We bought this tent because we did not want to spend the money to rent one. Now we have one forever, or at least a while! It went up easy.

Whether you're an experienced camper or you just want to try something new with your family and friends to hold a party outdoors, then you need all the outdoor equipment including the tent. In different occasions tents are mainly divided into party tents, camping tents, outdoor tents. A tent with multiple sides and windows depending on the function.

Party tent is specially designed for party. The spacious space provided by party tent can accommodate many people. Party tent is of great durability and solid structure. Waterproof fabric makes party tent suitable for outdoor use. Party tent is easy to install and use. Most of all, party tent is quite space-saving when it folds.

Multi-functional waterproof outdoor camping tent for bathing dressing must be a fast way to help you take a comfortable bath or build an easy-to-use toilet when you're in the open air. Besides, camping tent is equipped with four wind-proof straps on the corners, making it steadily fastened under any weather condition. 

Outdoor tent is really a convenient and stylish item!