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Security Lock Box Reviews

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I have bought two of these, one for our old travel trailer and now a second one for our new trailer. They can be built in to a cabinet or just bolted through the floor of a closet. Great for keeping your passport, extra cash, checkbook, and spare credit cards. Would hold a small gun as well (pistol). So convenient to have all your valuables in one easy-to-find place. Great peace of mind, too. Well made, and easy to program. Holes in the bottom to screw or bolt it through the floor (I d ...
This little table is exactly as advertised and more. It is perfect for my tablet and a cup of coffee. The little drawer is just the right size for my 2 backup batteries and cords. When this table came in I was so pleased with the quality....all for $20. I recommend it to everyone. (It did take an extra week to come in but well worth the wait)
Bought this for my son since he was begging to have a real safe and he loves it! Easy to use and works well for storing small items.
Way better than expected, tried picking the lock and I find it impossible plus I love you can have up to an 8 digit code. I’m very happy with this product
Only small problem I had was they asked for a physical address. I did give it but i also asked in a message to put the PO BOX on it too. Because post office will not except it. They did not put PO Box on package. I ended up getting it but did get a note from postmaster. With an warning!
I bought these for my two little grandchildren to use in the living room to eat on. They work great and being able to adjust the height is a plus. Now the little ones don’t feel left out when the older children eat and watch tv on family night. The little drawer on the side is great to hold small things.
I do most of my homework at home, and to me the most comfortable place is the floor. I’ve been working with my laptop on the floor and it’s been killing my back. I needed something to level the laptop so I could be upright. This item is perfect! I have a 15” MacBook Pro the older ones so it’s heavy. The stand is durable, really easy to use, adjust and put away. The little drawer is perfect for pens/post it’s/highlighters. Very comfortable, exactly what I needed. Plus quick and easy shi ...
Very sturdy and adjustable, great size and I love the little drawer. Allows me to sit in a comfortable chair rather than at a desk.
I wanted a small safe for my gun in my car. This was the trick. I locked this safe to my trunk tie down closed hook with a combo lock after I install a pick up hook onto the safe. I then Velcro the safe to the trunk floor so it will stay in place. The safe can easily be accessed if need to but will not be permanent if I sell the car later.
This item is a great buy it solid steel so its very durable and spacious inside to store a lot of valuables even a handgun my only problem with this item is its not fire proof other than that its well worth the price.
Great little safe, well made and works just fine. I just might buy another and possibly a few more than that for family members. No disappointments here. Better than expected.
The description of the product was exactly what I purchased, received and eventually installed. The safe is a good organizer for the five weapons I have (rifles, etc.) and with it secured into a wall of my basement closet, it allows safe keeping of my weapons. It functions just as expected and helps me to organize. I did replace the thin felt matting that came at the bottom of the safe with a piece of carpet to better cushion the shoulder end of the rifles. Only one other observation, there ...
This is a small gun safe that fits perfectly in a walk-in closet. It mounts easily to wall and/or floor. Setup was simple and it provides quick access to my guns when needed. This is a light weight safe as the walls are single layer steel but it is well built. Should deter most unwanted access and thoroughly delay the determined intruder.
It is what I expected for this money. This will keep the gun/ammo out of children. And if you would like to keep cashe safe - it is also good in my opinion.
Safe box is jux as described..Even better in person!! Great product & satisfied customer..Definately Recommend!!!
This cabinet is pretty nice for the cost and will stop nosey kids and such and slow down thieves for a while. Certainly no Fort knox but neither is the price. I bought two so I could put them in different places in the house. The electronics work great once you figure out how to program it. Read the instructions very close. Having an emergency key entry was a must for me as I don't trust electronics and don't want to be the one trying to break into the safe while someone is breaking into my hous ...
Absolutely got what I paid for.This safety case is much better than the cheaper one I bought two years ago.I put all my valuables there so I won't be afraid of having them stolen again.
My strongbox arrived very promptly and was well packaged to prevent any damage/scratches.The quality is exactly what I expected.It's mainly used to keep my cash,jewelry and other important items.Definitely worth the purchase!
This safe looks very solid. When the package is received, the outer packaging is very tight and it is not damaged at all. It is really good.
I received my complete package within expected delivery date,it came in well-packaged,with detailed instruction.This safety locker has enough space to hold lots of valuables.You can reset the password when needed.I will recommend it to my coworkers and friends.
Although this safe is small, it is very practical and does not occupy a place. It can place documents very well.
This security lock box arrived in well-packed condition two weeks ago.It came with detailed instructions for use.As far as functionality is concerned,it works well.It can meet our needs in business at present.We need a bigger one as the business grows.Overall,an awesome product!
Pretty good,it was good for my office,I will buy big one from this shop.so happy shopping.hope can give me coupon.
Arrived on time.It is light-weight enough that I can move it.I like its ability to set the code and the override key.It works exactly as advertised.I keep my valuables in it.Lol,very safe.
With this safe, haha, I do not worry about my favorite items have been stolen.

A well built, safe lock box box in steel is perfect for holding valuable items, birth certificates, cash, vital paperwork and comes equipped with a professional-quality locking mechanism for first-class protection.

To add further security to such locks an security lock box can be used. Inside of these boxes are microprocessors that will allow only certain keys to open them. This makes it harder for criminals to pick the lock. The only way that this type of lock can be opened is by using a key with a microchip that the box will accept.

Next is that whenever you wanted to, you can just change the combination codes if you wanted to secure privacy and safety. With this kind of outlook, you would surely be able to ensure safety because no one will ever have the idea on what pass codes that you have programmed for safe lock box.