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Baby Dolls Reviews

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The little doll is very beautiful, my daughter likes it very much, the material is very good, very good.
Very delicate little doll, bought for a friend's daughter, very face, I like it very much.
I received this baby doll a few days ago.Except for the thinning hair,I am quite satisfied with the overall workmanship.
This baby doll looks very lifelike.It's a gift for my 3-year-old nephew.The workmanship is very good.
I like this baby doll very much. It looks very realistic. I used her as my daughter's Christmas gift. She is very happy.
I bought this doll. As a teaching aid for our maternal and Child Health Counseling Center, its size and weight, touch and so on are very similar to real babies, very pleasant shopping.
This doll is really realistic, very beautiful, and gave her friend a birthday present. She likes it very much. It is really great.
My six-year-old granddaughter likes silicone dolls, so I bought this doll. She was very happy when she received the doll. I like the fact that this simulation doll can wear baby clothes instead of doll clothes and save money.
I ordered this doll to give my friend a treatment doll. I chose it because of its lifelike characteristics, such as hair, eyelashes, and size. My friend loves this doll and sleeps with it. Thanks for selling such a good silicone doll.
This is my first time to buy baby doll,it's packed in good protection.This doll has the sweetest expression.Smooth & soft skin,long eyelashes,big eyes,pink lips,just like a real baby.I feel so pleased that I purchased it.Extremely satisfied!
This doll is so cute and so real.She was not over stuffed like all the other babies I have and my fave out of all my reborns,although I changed the name.
It's really lifelike,when you look at it from a long distance,you'll think it to be a real baby.This doll has thick,shiny,complaisant hair.My little child fell in love with it when she saw the doll at first sight.Would buy another different kind of this dolls next month.
The baby is super cute! And the seller was nice and helpful. Very fast delivery. The doll is soooo cute!!
My six-year-old daughter has been playing with this baby doll for a few days.She is obsessed with this doll. It looks just as advertised and completely meets our expectation for the price.
This baby doll is exactly what we expected it to be.We purchased this baby doll for our eight-year-old grandchild.It came right before she got home from school which was perfect.She was very excited unon opening this package.She really loves playing with her lifelike baby.
What a beautiful doll, realistic doll my 7 year old granddaughter loved.good
My daughter loved the silicone doll and said it was her best friend
I felt very pleased when I received this cute and lifelike baby doll.The silicone is very soft,it's very comfortable to touch.I would definitely recommend buying it for your little baby or even for your collections.
A very cute doll!I bought it for my five-year-old daughter as her birthday gift.It has very smooth skin,lifelike eyelashes.My daughter loves it very much.
I love this doll,and I think it was cheap than other.pretty good.
Very prompt delivery & reasonable price!The baby doll is very lovely.But I am not pleased with the hair.It looks pretty patchy,but everything else is amazing.
This beautiful baby doll was a Christmas present for my sweet princess.Excellent,exactly like the picture.She absolutely loves it!
That's good thinks.Shipping was fast, price was right, doll is a great size, the face itself is cute.
After researching and reading countless reviews, I finally chose this special little baby to be the doll!
Excellent, exactly like the picture!The quantity also is good,My granddaughter loved!
When I received thisdoll,fell amazing,looks like a real baby! Love it!
I bought this doll for my granddaughter as a birthday present. My granddaughter was very happy to see this gift. Thank you.

Are you still worried about what kind of gift you choose for your child? Baby dolls made of high-quality material, it is safe and not harmful to body, so it is suitable for baby or little kid.

Silicone baby dolls have a sense of authenticity because of the size and shape in accordance with normal full-term baby. It is not only the equipment for obstetricians and expectant mothers to propaganda and learn, but also a self-care aid tool for kindergarten teachers to teach their children to eat, dress and take care of themselves. The baby dolls for toddlers chat when parents are busy, instead of playmates playing together, so the kids aren't alone. Kids can also take her along in the included carrier for on-the-go adventures.

You can place it in your bedroom and desk, it will add spice and fun to your home.