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The bath chair was bought for my 78-year-old grandmother.It has very good skid resistance,we don't have to worry about grandma slipping in the bathroom.
A very reasonable design, my bathroom is very small, this shower chair is just enough, very satisfied.
This bath chair has been used for some time,it has light and strong material and good skid resistance.I don't worry about my grandpa falling down in the shower any more.
This bath chair was bought for my 76-year-old grandma.After installation,it is firm and non-skid.With the aid of this useful chair,it is very safe during shower.
The delivery is very fast, the seller is also very good at speaking, and the quality is still so good, very satisfied.
I bought it for my wife. He is a pregnant woman. It is really recommended for families with old man and pregnant women.
The installation is simple.This chair is very stable,which is suitable for the old to take a bath.
I bought this shower chair for my grandma.Quick delivery!Easy installation! The material of aluminum alloy is very light and strong.A very PRACTICAL chair!
I like the sucker at the bottom of my leg. Those who rest make it the most sturdy shower chair I have.
I bought this shower chair for my 80-year-old mother for help her shower.It arrived earlier than expected.It's very sturdy,making it easier getting her in and out of the shower.Very satisfied with this purchase!

Physical therapy supplies, as a special product in medical equipment, can't cure the disease by combing and analyzing related review situations. The principle of physical therapy equipment is clear, which can relieve some symptoms of the disease and facilitate the recovery of the body in the later stage.

Alimart  rehabilitation equipment is intended for use in rehabilitation to restore physical activity in both surgically and non-surgically treated medical conditions. Functions of these physical therapy equipment are useful and easy to use, can be customized to facilitate the comfort of physical activity, gradual and effective recovery of bodily functions. Therefore, it is suitable for the needs of a considerable number of patients.

Rehabilitation equipment for sale on our website, helps improve the treatment of hospitals, clinics and family environments, providing patients with comfortable solutions through continuous innovation.