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I'm really pleased with how responsive and responsible the company selling this table has been to my needs!
The vanity arrived in great time and is better than the pictures.. and my wife loves how bright the lights are.. and is overall a nice decor to her makeup room!! 5?'s!!!
I received the holiday gift for my daughter, and I liked it on time. The size is just right.
Product is nice, although it came with no instructions at all, and communication with this company is a absolute nightmare, I still give it 5 stars because of the quality, would highly recommend.
I am very please with the table it came in time an now my wife can stay off my dresser....
I just finished putting this together (Female)and it was simple and easy to put together (1 hour) looks great and the material seems to be of very good quality. I'll know more once my daughter uses it on how well it holds up. I'll update my review if it doesn't hold up but, I really think it will. So far great item for the price.
Awesome vanity set. Good quality and it was very simple to assembly. The price for this product was VERY VERY reasonable. I would buy other products from this company. (My 4yr old granddaughter LOVES IT).
Even though they have it advertised as modern, it still has all the niceties of a vintage piece. Plenty of space and I was impressed with how much care they took in shipping the item. Everything was prefabricated properly, so putting it together was a breeze. The only thing that tripped me up was that my friend and I were looking for part F and there were no more parts. It turns out that part F is a square piece of rolled up felt that goes in the center drawer as liner. That was out only s ...
The item is great quality! For this price I got a makeup table of my dream! Thank you so much. There is no instruction how to put everything together but believe me it won’t be a problem to get everything together! Really easy construction. Highly recommend
I’ve always wanted one of these since I was a small girl. It is so fun. I only wish, because I’m older , that the set was a bit taller so that I could get off the stool easier. It’s low for this lady in need of a knee replacement but I’m sure it’s perfect for any other soul. I wish it came with bulb replacements for when they go, and a means to access them. I will love it while it lasts. I’m a freakin princess.

When you walk into the bedroom, the first thing you can see is the dressing table. It is an essential bedroom component that adds to the beauty of the bedroom. Dress up lend a unique touch to the bedroom decor. Dresser with mirror have that quality to store Things as well as compete bedrooms and making the bedroom an easy to be in space.

If you are short of hanging Space, then you can keep your folded clothes in the deep dresser. Some would prefer dressers with small drawers where they would help store lingerie, hosiery, make-up and other bathroom essentials.

Mirrors lend an added charm to the dresser. It also makes the space appear brighter and bigger. However, it is that the shape of the mirror is in proportion to the size of the dresser. The dresser with mirror should be centered above the dresser.