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Very sturdy, you can hang a lot of clothes, still not messy, I like it very much.
Installation is too simple.It has firm pipe,I put it on the balcony to hang clothes,very practical!
This small, deliberately bought the clothes for the children, but also bought a large hanging adult, very good.
This clothes rack is of high quality and very stable.It can be used to hang clothes,put shoes&anything you need.Super practical!
It took about 15 minutes to assemble this rack.The workmanship is fine and it's quite firm.My roommate also wants to buy one.
Received the goods, the assembly is very simple, it will not be very heavy, you can move it by yourself, the upper and lower layers are designed very well.
I did not expect this product to be so sturdy at this price.It is not rickety at all and easy to wheel to another place.Also,it is very simple to assemble and take down.I'm using this clothes rack to hang up wet clothes from the washer and it works perfectly for that purpose.
I have had this clothing & shoe rack for a few months.Solid structure components and quality rollers to move around
I purchased this rack to hang clothes on it to dry.It works well and I can roll it around easily.It is sturdy and holds a lot of clothes without bending.

A clothes rack for the home are easy to install and are usually sold with all the necessary mounting hardware. There are free standing and have wheels for easy transport from place to place in the room. The most common use for these rolling clothes rack are for drying your wet clothes and also to hang up excess clothing items like coats, jackets or dresses. Basically anything that won't fit in your walk in closets can be hung up. 

In the home you will see these garment racks as storage options for clothing. They can be installed inside the closet but in some spaces they are stand alone systems. They are perfect for small spaces or for spaces that lack closet space and they are also perfect as closet organizers. It is definitely a must have home accessory for anyone. Clothes rack on wheels comes in very handy if you need to move it around while they are full of clothes.